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Lets Make Most of China Driven Bloodbath

Half of China has gone into darkness. Of course you will never know what was happening until it was half dark.

China's omnipotent president has not been seen internationally in two years. There are reports of Jinping attending a ceremony, but there is no part of his speech. News comes that he wrote letters to others but anyone can manage it.

A speech at the UN General Assembly last week was also recorded. And the actor Sugriva in the Ramayana was better than what was going on. The way VFX movies are made nowadays, it is not challenging to have a president in that chair. FURTHER dialog also dubbed in English. So full space to hide.

The worst times that have befallen the Ever Grand group will befall many.

China has set three "milestones" for all companies in its country. 1) Raising loans up to 70% of the value of the assets owned by the companies 2) Controlling the ratio of ownership and debt to the company and 3) Raising short term loans as compared to the cash in the coffers of the industry / company at any given time.

The time has come because most Chinese banks do not have money. Banks are in turmoil. CA Foundation students will also point out that these rules do not apply to large businesses. It is decided to use what is available.

Adding all these points together, it is clear that nothing in this country is sustainable.

We have been hearing for many years that the bubble of China's progress will burst. The only thing left to accept is the death of the parrot.

A country that takes 32 years to declare how many of its soldiers were killed in the 1962 war can do anything.

Those who have invested in the stock market should be prepared for a big loss at this moment. Because there is a possibility of a bloodbath in an emotional stock market. Six months will be difficult. If you have invested a lot of money, take it out now or watch their price fall and then recover. And if you don't have that much courage, turn to investing in gold mutual funds for a while.

For those who want to hit the entry now, wait for this bloodbath. There is no better opportunity than a collapsed stock market and good stocks.

The same spirit, which is shown when a beautiful girl with a fantastic career and lovable nature is preferred for marriage, should be shown to invest for these low price stocks.

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