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On A New Voyage.

Some changes in life occur even without realizing that they are happening. The decade has seen a great revolution in society. 3G & 4G Mobiles have radically changed people's lives. It has occupied us so much so that people have got a new body organ in the form of a mobile. Mobile has become an extension of everyone's hand. With smart phones, social media came into everyone's hands. No one understands when Facebook, Twitter or Instagram became everyone's way of life. Those who have a life in this social media through songs, poems, articles, photos, Facebook, this is now a horizon of culture.

I was a journalist before beginning my advocacy. One thing I experienced while studying journalism. If you want to have involvement in the overall Indian personality and especially in men, then you must have some knowledge of few things. There are three things you need to know if you want to match your umbilical cord with the average person in India. One is politics, the other is cricket and the third is Hindi cinema. Then it doesn't matter if the preference number goes up or down. If you know these three things, you can connect with anyone from Panwala to the CEO of a company.

The newspapers credit can’t be taken away in reporting. However if a newspaper is publishing a report then I could be from the point of view of current affairs. Similarly, they also have their own economic and political compulsions. Such a compulsion does not exist here. Similarly the blogging with references is becoming a good source of information through social media.

The attempt of this blog shall be to open the legal sides of current affairs. Many a time political turmoil makes the mind disturbed. But more is the turmoil, more is the matter to study. Largely the instances of political turmoil have engendered milestone judgements by the Supreme Court of India. More is the study of such judgements, more shall be the development for readers.

The voyage of this blog shall be in this direction only. The information one procures here shall be on facts only and there shall be no practice of agenda setting or any glorification model through this blog.

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